Monday, March 29, 2010

Too much work last week had my mind fried. words. words. words. Whenever that happens, I wait till hubby gets home (I will affectionately refer to him as the Russian, though sadly he is not), grab my purse and head out to our local brocante. This is where I glean!

Look what I found upon my last getaway! A set of silver spoons from another lifetime. They were literally black, fitted into a turquoise-lined box, when I picked them up. And the Russian looked doubtful when I walked in the door, fully regenerated and beaming. That night I placed them in a mug in the center of the table, and waited to see what I would see. Ah, the delight of this sweet family that never fails to oooh and aaaah over my recent finds...


lori said...

thanks for your comment on my blog! it's always nice to "meet" a fellow thrifter! hope you stop by again! -lori

p.s. love your serving set!

hannah said...

"Gleaning" is what I associate with Frau Holle, going out into the cold winter wood to pick up sticks for laying her fire.
Not a comfy journey to a warm and well lit shop and carrying off pretty silverware :-)
Love your Russian's attitude. I have one too luckily.