Wednesday, December 4, 2013

We stood in silence looking out over the piazza, the minutes walking ahead of us in total disregard for our unwillingness to have them go.

And then the station, a whistle, and the blur of fields.

I walk my life like streets of foreign cities. Always walking, never staying, always searching. I did not lie: the day will come when unexpectedly you see my form in the distance. 

Wait for me, Italy.


Giga said...

Z pewnością Włochy poczekają na Ciebie :).
Certainly Italy will wait for you :).

joe said...

Dear Allison,

My name is Joe Pinzone and I'm casting an international travel show about expats moving abroad. We'd love to film in Switzerland and wanted to know if you could help us find expats who have moved there within the last 1-2 years or have been there for 3-4 years, but recently moved into a new home. The show documents their move to a new country and will place the country in fabulous light. I wanted to know if you could help spread the word to expats living there or are close to moving. If you'd like more information, please give me a call at 212-231-7716 or skype me at joefromnyc. You can also email me at Looking forward to hearing from you.

Joe Pinzone
Casting Producer
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