Thursday, February 3, 2011


You should try to hear the name the Holy One has for things.
There is something in the phrase: "The Holy One taught him names."
We name everything according to the number of legs it has;
The Holy One names it according to what is inside.
Moses waved his stick; he thought it was a "rod".
But inside its name was "dragonish snake."
We thought the name of Umar meant: "agitator against priests";
But in eternity his name is "the one who believes."
No one knows our name until our last breath goes out.

Rumi (transl. Robert Bly)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Allison!
I am reading this while the sun comes out!
Have yourself a lovely thursday :)

Michael Rowland said...

Perhaps a name is a signpost, like "honey", but you don't know it until you taste it. Thanks for making me think about this Allison,,,M

texwisgirl said...

Interesting quote. Wonder what name is inside, waiting for my last breath to escape? Makes me want to go shake out all the negativity that lurks in dark corners so I can fill them with light so the name is a good one.

Southern Lady said...

I wish I could know the name that the Holy One has for me..... Carla

Meg said...

Certainly makes one think about how you're living, and to strive for a better name. :)

P.S. - The pins are called T-pins and my particular ones are made by Dritz. They are stainless steel so as not to rust in the fabric while it's blocking.

Out on the prairie said...

I read another of these earlier in the week but can't remember, I think Bossy Betty.Hindu names play a big role in the meaning.Mine is Greek for crown.

Trisha said...

Great thought to ponder this morning :)

Randy said...

I just love Rumi and the photo goes perfectly. Enjoy your Friday!

seema gupta said...

interesting to read thanks for sharing