Monday, January 28, 2013

When we bought our house last March, we lacked the elation of a couple signing for their first home. I remember sitting in the notary's office thinking about the huge cut he was taking off the sale of our house, wondering why I hadn't decided to be a notary back in college. 

How could we turn a house that was too dark and too small for six into a comfortable home, and on a budget? Our expressions were mutually pinched as we signed our lives away that warm day.

Hours, days, months of work later, I sit in a home that I cannot believe is ours - one that truly does seem made just for us. 


became this:

  And this:

Became this:

The dark hallway:

Is now a chamber of light:

And tomorrow I will show you the kitchen!


Nancy Claeys said...

I love what you've accomplished Allison! Buying a home is always so stressful and full of doubt -- but you did good! Can't wait to see the kitchen. :)

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Wow Allison, you guys have been busy. I love the all white walls. It opens up everything. Lovely home, I can't wait to see the kitchen.

MarmePurl said...

There's nothing like Home.

Sara Louise said...

It's amazing how much brighter it all looks with the ceiling painted white! It's such a bright and cozy space now :)
Just found you via expat-blog and thought I'd pop over and say hi... Bonjour!

Kim said...

It looks so different! Bright and airy and clean. Can't wait to see the kitchen.

TexWisGirl said...

oh, my! now i know why you tore out that whole kitchen (you had posted about it last year). can't wait to see the new one! this is beautiful, allison!

Out on the prairie said...

Lots of hard work,I have done it like this a few times.

Meg said...

Oh it's just beautiful! You did such an amazing job! I bet you are very proud of your little home, you should be!

Anonymous said...

Nothing ventured-nothing gained.. be adventurous! easy for me to say- I'm not footing the bill, but it will be worth it in the end.
I remain ~:)