Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I drove out to the farm this week to do a photo shoot for an article on sustainable farming, and took little Strawberry Girl and her best friend along for the ride. As I worked, the girls played with the farmer's tiny daughter and wandered the yard and barn on a lovely summer day.

But at the end of those two hours, as the sun had begun to set and the tractors were gathering up the last bales of hay , the three of us hiked up behind the freshly mown field to hunt for wild orchids. And deep in the tall grasses - in a place anyone might have walked right past - was the bounty of fairies. Wild strawberries!

Farmer Oester swiftly bent down and popped one in his mouth with a contagious grin. "Looky here!"

We picked and tasted, and carried home a copious handful for dinner. 

And the fairies smiled on us.


Buttons said...

Oh Allison this sounds like a perfect day to me. B

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

What a nice, delicious surprise. :)

TexWisGirl said...

LOVE! :) say hi to sweet strawberry girl for me!

Meg said...

What a precious find! Fairy treasure indeed!

Kim said...

Sounds like a perfect way to spend the day.

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