Friday, July 5, 2013


The professional blog is up and running at

What an adventure that was! I have learned a lot about myself over the past couple weeks - or was it months? Picking out three pictures from thousands in my data base, writing a blurb that reduces forty-three years into a couple paragraphs? If there had been Pepto Bismol in Switzerland, I'd have bought it in bulk - ask Danielle, the patient blog designer who doubles as a personal cheerleader.

So thanks to Olivier for the portraits, to Colin for the shot of my back (will never forget that) and to the family who suffered at my side over such an easy thing. 

"Easy," in the words of Dylan Thomas, "to Leonardo".


Jeanne said...

WILL DEFINITELY CHECK OUT YOUR NEW BLOG! Never think that is easy to choose 3 photos out of all. I could never do it. Good for You! for getting this accomplished

Buttons said...

Congratulations Allison I look forward to your new Blog. B

TexWisGirl said...

you go, girl! beauty, talent, chutzpah, soul. you've got it all!

MarmePurl said...

Stunning portrait of one beautiful woman. A look into those eyes tells the story of bravado, perseverance, dignity and love.
I too am so very proud of your hard work.

Meg said...

Ah, so beautiful! The new site is lovely! :) How have you been, my friend?

Michael Rowland said...

Oh what fun now that it's up and running,,,M