Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sometimes I think we surround our hearts with barriers. We fence ourselves in in an effort to safeguard our tenderest places; the places others would trample down without a thought.

Everyone has a secret garden, don't you think?

I know I do.

I come in contact with people I don't know every day. I pass by them, smile, say hello. When I'm crabby, I avert my eyes and pretend not to see them; but it is my loss, not theirs. There are always broken places in people's heart fences. You have only to look. Broken places that will let you in simply because they are too worn to keep you out.

And what do I do with them? Dare I stop on my busy way to examine the gap? Dare I stop and help to mend?

In the past, an intimate few have dared help repair my heart, and taken the time to come in.

There is no fear in love...

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