Saturday, May 29, 2010

This time it's personal - and beautiful - and maybe a little tearful.

A surprise birthday party just for me.

Apéro with all things homemade.

Candlelight in attic room.

Birthday roses from the Russian - I wouldn't trade him for the world.

As my daughter so aptly put it...these are some of the women dearest to me. They are the friends who make up the puzzle that is
this gallimaufry life.


Diane AZ said...

What a lovely celebration, the guacamole and veggies look tempting. Happy Birthday!

Vivi said...

Chère Allison,
quelle merveilleuse soirée chargée d'émotions et de magie.
Merci d'être celle que tu es, si précieuse et authentique.
Merci pour cette amitié simple et si belle.


beautiful table arrangement, and homemade food shows fantastic.i guess you had a nice surprise party...:)