Monday, August 23, 2010

I am officially knitting my first sock (yes, it's taken me years to finally do it and the yarn has been in my stash for ever so long shaming me!). So far so good, but I haven't reached the heel yet so that overt optimism may be premature.

This is an absolutely gorgeous yarn made in Wales by JitterBug. I bought it with my sister this February at Knitche in Downer's Grove (the best and most inviting yarn shop I've ever been in), after lattes and fresh scones served up at a cozy table surrounded by plenty of knitting books over which to sigh and squeal. It is 100% Merino easy care and is as soft as they come. The day I bought this was a yarn feast - five hours at Knitche with my sister, the knitting Master Kan... have a look here:

I actually broke one of these Lantern Moon Sox Stix trying out the Montana Wheat Pattern (anyone who knows the value of these will be as distressed as I was over it), which showcases teeny tiny cables that I have decided are not worth the effort, though beautiful and comfy in the extreme. Notice I've gone back to basic ribbing? Ahem...

Well, wish me luck! Is anyone else out there knitting anything of interest? Give me a link, I'd love to see what's on your needles... xoxo

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Evi said...

Sur mes aiguilles ? Quelles aiguilles ? ;)
Est-ce que j'ai une tête de tricoteuse? C'est vrai que parfois je tricote, mais sans laine et sans aiguilles! Non, je crois que le virus du vrai tricot ne m'a pas encore atteint.
Mais j'aime tes aiguilles assorties à la laine.
En fait, pourquoi tricotes-tu des chaussettes? Tu prévois carrément pour l'âge de glace ;)?
Bonne journée, Alli !