Sunday, August 1, 2010

The medieval city (is there any other kind in this country?) of St. Ursanne on the River Doubs is a little gem of a place that you must not miss if you come to stay.

It is big enough to be artsy, providing plenty of inspiration for a wealth of hand-craft boutiques and antique shops, but is small enough to see in a couple of hours. There is nothing tourist-trappy about it...except for the six-seater bike hubby rented to keep the kids busy while Wendy (my visiting friend) and I strolled and peeked in doors and windows. My beloved teenager would not be seen on the goofy bike, so she stayed with the wandering women...

I do believe there is a man in the moon...

Looking out from inside the city's magnificent, if not understated, cathedral.

The bike is in the background... can you see it? my wild friend walks the street on the left

Antique shop of Wendy's dreams

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Naturedigital said...

I just adore these beautiful old cities.