Saturday, October 30, 2010

I couldn't say good-bye to Galena without showing you a doorknob or two... you know how I get about doors...

One of these is the door to my heart; do you know which one? I have been grateful these past months to have blogging friends who look inside my door from time to time. (Steve, the cinnamon rolls were delicious; and I told the story of your mother, so even in Europe her tradition lives on.)

Come inside, and let us spin tales together!


Judy said...

I'm honored to be let in your door.

Out on the prairie said...

I started with a collection of keys and then went to doorknobs. I used these to remodel a home I had and when I went to sell it was something the buyer really liked.Love having my tale told,makes my heart swell.I'm headed to the SE corner this morning, looking at the last of fall and getting my baking supplies built up from a Mennonite general store where you buy bulk products.

Pam said...

Allison, I choose door number two.. because its red the same color as your heart.
But to be fair, I enjoyed both doors and their lovely handles equally as well.

Blessings, Happy trails and tales

teca said...

You're lovely person, Allison!
I'm very happy to come here and read what you write and see your photos. Here is a very welcoming place.
Thanks for all the affection that you carry within yourself and share with us.

Kisses good Sunday.

Southern Lady said...

I'm glad that there is someone who likes doors as much as I do! There is nothing more welcoming than the door to one's own home. Carla