Friday, October 21, 2011

Walking by the sea will clear your mind. How can it not? There is nothing else to see but a clear blue line on the horizon and a wide blue sky above.

That's if you're looking up, of course, and feeling optimistic.

But my head hung and drooped as I walked along, and what I saw was beauty in death.

"Why are you photographing dead fish, mom?"

Perhaps it was because I have felt like them: half-eaten, rotting on the shore among objects more beautiful than I. Shells, textured sands, soft wood worn by the rolling of the tide.

The day comes when each of us must swim alone in life, lie alone, die alone.

How will the sandy picture of my life look when I'm gone? What will be seen when others stumble upon my memory?

I tucked the camera away and sat back down on my beach chair, half staring out toward the west, half watching the children frolic here and there.

A sigh.

And then I picked up my needles once again, and began to knit mindfulness back into my world; for what you give away in love is the flowing seaweed that adorns the picture of your life.


Pete said...

a Lovely contemplative post. We would be foolish to look at life and never contemplate death. However a warning. Death should not fill more than a small part of life. It is after all only a small fraction of what life is about.
Hope you start looking at the horizon with all its promises soon.
enjoy the weekend and thank you for your comments and wonderful blog

Pam said...

Mindful word that brought tears to these ole eyes Miss Alli. Its hard not to think such thoughts when gazing upon the endless sea.. but be not forlorn for long my friend. Each dawn brings new beginning littered with love.. seek happiness- bask the light.


Ola said...

Indeed, the sea causes many thoughts... I always feel a bit lonely when I watch sea

TexWisGirl said...

no melancholia on vacation, girlie!!! :)

Allison said...

I hope no one thinks this is a depressing post. So sorry. I actually found these dead fish so beautiful! I loved the pictures. No worries, no worries! xo

Out on the prairie said...

I hope you found some nice shells also.I can watch the ocean like TV, I never tire of what it offers.Love the color of your yarn.

Judy said...

I totally got what you were saying Allison. I get like that when I walk the woods.

Linda said...

If not for you last words... as you knit mindfulness back into your world...a wonderful turn of phrase that brings us back to the choice to see what is in front of us, playing in the sand. Loving you from here - Betsy

MarmePurl said...

"..what you give away in love...adorns the picture of your life." That takes my breath way.
The hillside, the sea, one's children frolicking nearby AND beautiful knitting all at once? How perfect the moment.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Some moments just bring those deep thoughts to the surface. :)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Would it creep you out if I printed this out and taped it to my mirror? Beautiful words. And I am absolutely positive you won't be a dead fish, more like a pearl. Have a wonderful weekend!

Debbie said...

Definitely a pearl!

Beautiful words from a beautiful heart, mind and soul.

Love you,

Randy said...

I would rather think that we are the glistens on the water when were gone. I could have used those hand warmers this morning. It was cold here. Love these photos.

Raindrops and Daisies said...

Sometimes when I walk by the sea it makes me think deeply and sometimes it can bring out a little sadness
buried deep within
but it is good to do this I think.

I love your knitting and am quite evious of your skills.

I bought some super chunky wool to make a wrap using size 15 needles,
I had too many stitches and they kept falling off said needles,
so another project left......

Have a good weekend
and I wish you a wonderful week.

x Fiona

Country Mouse Studio said...

What a beautiful way to resolve such feelings. You truly have a way with words and knitting. That's amazing

Anonymous said...

I could get lost in my own thoughts for ages anytime I am near any body of water. It just has a way of making one think, doesn't it?

Beautiful knitting, I admire your work.

Southern Lady said...

Love it! Your words always make me think. Carla

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Allison, I did not find your post depressing, but reflecive as several others have noted. Walking on the sand near the water reveals all sorts of "treasures" and triggers varying emotions as well.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I wish I was more reflective like you. Sometimes I don't know why I never think of these things. You always give me something to pause over. Thank you Allison.