Sunday, October 24, 2010

There ain't nothin' like midwestern signs of welcome!


Diane AZ said...

Those certainly are some inviting signs! Your post makes me realize that I've visited the Midwest in every season except fall. I think I've been missing fresh sweet corn. :)

teca said...

Lovely, Allison.
Certainly a great invitation to passers by.

Good Sunday. Good week.
A warm hug, dear.

Out on the prairie said...

To have spme good sweet corn sounds good now it is out of season.I didn't eat enough this year, even buying special plates to roll it in lots of butter.

Costea Andrea Mihai said...

:)beautiful post!!

Evi said...

C'est incroyable, on peut acheter la même chose dans le cornet ;) Que le monde est petit !
J'aime bien les petites bottes de paille. Je les achèterait pour les lapins !