Thursday, October 28, 2010

Galena, Illinois ... finally!

I couldn't help but love this town. A gregarious hideaway, the thing we remember most was when we'd ask for directions (which we did often since we were letting the great sky and sun guide us).

May I ask where the trattoria is? "Oh yes! Go to the stoplight and take a left."

May I ask where the post office is? "Oh yes! Go to the stoplight and take a right."

May I ask where the office of tourism is? (This was a little more challenging) "Oh yes, go to the stoplight, cross the bridge, and then take a left."

"So..." says my teenager, "It all seems pretty clear-cut. All their directions start with go to the stoplight. ONE stoplight, mom!"

General Grant's house ... for my European friends, he was a key player in Northern victory during the Civil War. A hero for the oppressed.

We visited this little, historical street...

...and I dreamed of being Mrs. Grant, and walking to the general store to do my shopping while my husband was off to war. (to the groans of my companion, of course!)

The sweetest feet in America.


Pam said...

Allison, Galena is truly an old American town by the lovely images before my eyes.
How nice those precious feet got to sit on a fence in rural America. (if she clicks her heels twice she'd be home, but don't tell Her)

Your journey so far has been a delight to see, thanks...

be safe, well and Happy
Pam i am :)

Allison said...

Pam i am...

I couldn't help but see your comment pop up. If only clicking my heels would get ME back to Kansas!! :D

Judy said...

I love visiting Galena. You ladies are too funny :)

Out on the prairie said...

It is a lovely town. I have a county two counties from me that has no stoplights and no fast food chains.Headed there today for lunch and shopping at a great general store.

Evi said...

Good morning Mrs Grant, can I help you ?
So cute... I can see you in my fantasy!