Friday, December 3, 2010

For those I truly love ... my heart.

For the one who will stop by for coffee on the spur of the moment regardless that I stand and bake cookies as we chat, and dare to pick up a hot one and cram it in her mouth! You warm my heart.

For the one who will wrap arms around a crying mess (you know who you are!).

For children who make me laugh and pull my hair out by turn (four of 'em is always one wild ride!).

For my own personal Legolas. Cheers, my lover.

For the friend who phones at any time of day as she speeds toward work or orders her coffee 5,084 miles away ... just to say hello. I love living in your ear!

For he who is willing to weather the madness.

For Betsy.

For blogging friends I may never meet. Your comments make my world so cozy.

For the One who gives to me though I have nothing left to give back.

Joy this season. xoxo


Ola said...

The picture makes me think about calm days when you can stay home and just watch the world outside, greetings!

Dawn said...

I love posts like these.
Gratefulness for those in our world.
Love that.

Have a wonderful weekend Allison.

Pam said...

You have a beautiful heart and soul, Allison.. your easy to love, too.
Just make sure you love yourself and who you are.

Nice sentiment, thanks for sharing it.
be well, be happy :)

Judy said...

You my friend have a gift for words and I wish you much joy and happiness, not only now in the holiday season, but always.

Nancy said...

I'm trying to keep some moisture back as well -- got something in my eye I think.

Consciously thinking about grateful things and then actually writing them down -- is not a small task. To process it so beautifully, that is talent.

((hugs from across the miles))

texwisgirl said...

Beautiful, sweetheart. Just wonderfulness. More joys to you than tears or worries - at least for today!

Linda said...

Came home last night to the little house after three months and puttered until dawn...have put the Migros bowls of red, green and yellow on the shelf above the kitchen cupboard where they are winking at me with twinkle lights twined around them this morning...they are my 'heart in the window' reminding me of light and a chair rocking in the corner - the motion visible only to one.

Out on the prairie said...

A toast to all who make our lives and the lives of others brighten and shine through the holidays and the new year.

What kind of cookies do you have? LOL

Canyon Girl said...

A joyful post, thank you Allison. I will think of those I love today.--Inger

Meg said...

What a sweet post. You made me smile today, thank you. :)

Southern Lady said...

What a sweet post! You always have a special way with words. Now, I've got to catch up on the rest of your posts that I have missed this week! Carla

LD said...

Beautiful photos and sentiments -- and so well worded. What a gift! glad I stumbled upon your collection today

Evi said...

C'est très touchant! Je ne comprends pas tout, mais ça m'a l'air tellement poétique! J'aime

Randy said...

A post that surely warms the heart. Thank you for sharing your heart photo.