Thursday, December 16, 2010

You're getting a surprise visitor next week, said my Russian one night at the table, five sets of eyes riveted on me, five mouths trying not to laugh at my discomfort. Understand that I generally like surprises (a lot) but I despise the kind where you know a surprise is coming but you aren't told the logistics.

I stew. I humpf. I speculate. I pester. And, shamefully, I whine.

But this time, the surprise was worth the wait! In the deep freeze of December, when my birthday seemed but a warm and distant memory of lazy June days, came a home-made Pineapple Upside-Down Cake from my favorite neighbors, and friends. Memories cascaded of the long philosophical discussions we sometimes hold out in the garden as dusk falls over our part of a fallen world, suddenly turned shining and golden in the comforting warmth that is friendship.

They came inside to the candlelight. A toast. A lump in my throat. An unconvential, unSwisslike hug.

It wasn't so bad now, was it? he whispered in my ear.

The touch of human hands-
That is the boon we ask;
For groping, day by day,
Along the stony way,
We need the comrade heart
That understands,
And the warmth, the living warmth
of human hands.

-- Thomas C. Clark


Anonymous said...

A lovely Post this is!
The Pineapple Cake looks absolutely beautiful!
The sweet and wise words are warming up this cold morning!
Thank you Allison!
Enjoy the day!

Eye Liquor ;)

Dawn said...

You sound like me and how I react to unknown surprises.....:)
Glad to know it was worth it, and what a beautiful poem.
So very true!
Any cake left?:)

Ola said...

this was really a fantastic surprise! You made me feel that I immediately want something sweet:)

Evi said...

Moi je trouve les surprises très agréables, surtout lorsqu'elles débarquent avec une pareille tourte! Hmmm :) Excellent !

Joe said...

That cake has my mouth watering :). I generally don't like surprises either but a surprise cake like yours I can go for.

texwisgirl said...

I'm SO with you on the surprises. I've ruined a few with my nagging to find out more...

The cake looks so wonderful. So your birthday is now or in June? ??

Judy said...

The cake looks yummy! I too am like that with surprises. Beautiful poem!

Out on the prairie said...

Something is glitching, not sure which end, so I lost my 1st comment.I thought it might be Santa, since you celebrate American holidays some.I would rather have that cake visit me.My mom baked hers in a iron skillet , it carmelized the sugars so well. I can almost smell it.

Southern Lady said...

That's a wonderful surprise! I received your comment about Carson's demo. She is giving a copy to anyone who wants one. She is looking for feedback and new subscribers to her youtube channel. She would love to have a few fans in Switzerland. Email me with your address. I'll be glad to mail you one! Carla

Meg said...

Oh, that cake looks delicious. Have any leftovers? What a great surprise you got! I hate "semi" surprises too. It drives me nuts. How fun that he surprised you with good friends.

Sounds like you found yourself a catch as well! :)

Nancy said...

I do not like surprises at all. I need to know everything that is going on and now, dangit!

But that is a beautiful cake -- and what a nice early (or late?) gift for you. Your husband is very сладкий. ;)

Jen ( said...

Surprises give me a lot of anxiety. I never know if I'm going to react appropriately. For this reason, opening gifts is truly a very stressful event for me as well!

Randy said...

Wonderful photos Allison! I am not one for surprises but when it comes to cake, look out!

Country Mouse Studio said...

glad it was a good surprise :O)