Saturday, April 2, 2011

Four children; four pots to fill with love, hanging on the hooks that are family. And it is an every-day kind of thing; did everyone else know this before they had kids?

As night falls at the end of each day, I sit and wonder if I've done my job. I wonder... which of them is lacking a few ounces of acceptance, of compassion, of structure, of guidance, of optimism?

And the idea that I've "done my job" vanishes into the starry night as plans for tomorrow's filling come into focus.

On my watch I want their pots to be full... and overflowing.


Naturedigital said...

Beautiful, nostalgic photograph Allison.
I must also thank you for your visits and nice comments to my blog.
Of course you can copy and frame my header photograph or any one else you would like.
I feel really honored when you say you like it so much.
I am afraid though that as the photograph has my logo on it.. it might be no good for framing. And that is the size to can use when you copy it.
If you want.. I can send you the original I have taken.. and you can play with it any way you want.
You can e-mail where to send you the photographs.
Have a great day.

Nancy said...

This is so sweet. I have quite a collection of coffee pots myself. Most are packed a way though -- just have a few around now.

Hugs. :)

Out on the prairie said...

It is nice that you spend so much time and care with your children. That is what has made your family so strong and loving in return.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

There is a book titled Have You Filled A Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud. In the book when you do thoughtful things or say kinds words to someone you are filling their bucket.. (you then become a bucket filler) When you say unkind words or do mean things you are emptying their bucket ( then you become a bucket dipper).. Our school motto is that we are to become bucket fillers. It is easy to tell that in your house you strive to become bucket fillers. Wonderful post Allison.

Eyeliquor 2 said...

Very , very sweet Allison!
Have a fantastic weekend :)

texwisgirl said...

I loved this. Made me just want to reach across the seas and hug each one of your children and tell them how incredibly lucky they are to have you as their mother... :)

Meg said...

Every. Day. I wonder if I'm royally screwing up my poor children. But alas, it's do my best and hope for the rest. Your pots are beautiful!

I hear ya on the garden. We have HUGE plans and I'm wondering just how tired of it I'll be come July/August. ;)

Trisha said...

I love the how you put that. I can't imagine filling 4 pots. I constantly wonder if I'm doing enough for just my 2 litte pots :)

Dawn said...

A beautiful way to state a loving mother's heart.

Randy said...

Wow, amazing post indeed. I really agree with Dawn on this one. Happy Sunday!

Canyon Girl said...

Your post touched my heart. I never had children, but I know I would feel the same way, but I doubt I could have said it better.--Inger

Judy said...

Beautifully said Allison. I absolutely love the photo!

Pam said...

Sweet and caring sediments, Allison.. if there is any thing I have learned in all my years of motherhood.. it's that a Mother's job is never done.. and I for one would not change that for another moment in time.. no matter what.

Pam i am ;)

Linda said...

You are doing your job, just right. You, the only one who can fill those pots just so, brimful and overflowing with mother-love. It is good and very good.

Sara said...

Wouahhh, trop trop beau les théières... Je ne sais pas si je suis à la bonne place pour commenter le 2 avril... nouvelle façon de faire des commentaires sous blogger apparemment. ;-) Superbe photo Ali... géniale !
Groooos bisous !