Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Switzerland is neutral!

Whoever said that has never lived here in the summertime when the Swiss pull out pocket knives and begin to peel back the casing on their favorite wurst ... Cervelas!

There was an uproar some years back when due to a mad cow ban on casings, the Cervelas had become an endangered species. Word had it they were going to oust the original and substitute a synthetic wrap.

The idea did not go over well with the natives, to say the least.

Petitions were signed, it got ugly. People demonstrated in favor of zebu intestine. They took sides, and nobody said the word neutral anymore around town.

Now, with peace restored among the villagers, we can buy as many cervelas as we want... all year round. We chop them up and make cold "salad", we pan fry them, roast them, eat 'em raw with the tip of our knives. And the Swisser sits back round his campfire on the mountain of his choice, pops open his faithful Victorinox, shears the skin off unceremoniously, skewers it on a whittled branch, holds it over the flame and sighs a little sigh.

We won that war!

(dedicated to the Russian xo)


TexWisGirl said...

LOL! some traditions are obviously not to be messed with! :)

Meg said...

Wurst drama! LOL! Well it's good to know the Swiss will fight for what is precious to them. ;)

Out on the prairie said...

Must be a smoked sausage perhaps. The casing war, too funny. I had a friend and that was one of his leading imports from Portugal.The Casing King

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

So, if it's peeled off anyway... ?


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I love all types of sausages. Sitting around a campfire pit roasting them would be a blast.

Randy said...

Interesting shot! Enjoy.

Sara said...

J'ai toujours le sourire quand je regarde les photos de ton blog... car c'est toujours une bonne surprise ☺ !
Merci !

Anonymous said...

Great story, Allison...glad all peace has been restored! :)

What I am most impressed with is that huge beautiful stack of chopped wood in the background!
Someone has been hard at work, for sure! I see lots of cozy fires in the future! ;)

Country Mouse Studio said...

very funny

Dawn said...

Haha! Love it...and the photo is priceless!!!!