Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I came upon a pond in desert place
where sounds for ears
and sights for eyes are plentiful. Yes.
Sounds and Sights
The buzzing of insects droning over the water
dropping their sylphlike legs in perfect circles, hovering.
Bodies light as air they alight,
and wait

The dragonfly passes
and sings her breath upon my neck;
caves of fish mouths hunting the unsuspecting
water spiders, calling me to come
and play,
to die.

Overhead, the groaning arms of trees
holding tiny flags toward me, dropping
benedictions on occasion,
one to catch my hair, they laugh.
I see light through leaf in this heart, thank God -
He has come.

There is the feel of cool water edging upon my ankles,
lapping its tongues upon me, higher
with every step.
Sunlight in water drop on lily pad
reflects bare skin back to me, calling

Pour out on me
gift and goodness
I come to feel fingers,
running down my head,
my skin,
my heart
; my grief.

There is only yielding now, as sunbeam pierces branch,
and You come upon me,


and take the desert vastness of a heart.


Anonymous said...

You have the most enchanting way with words, Ali. A delightful for my mind and eyes. Thank you.
~:) i am

TexWisGirl said...

wow, allison, this is beautiful! my favorite lines were the 'caves of fish mouths' and the 'one to catch my hair'.

Annette said...

Hi Allison. I'm still writing poetry but I moved the poetry over
to Wordpress.

Randy said...

Wonderful post. Nice photos too.

Out on the prairie said...

amazing my dear

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Buttons said...

Beautiful writing I was moved by your words. I love your photos too.B