Thursday, April 8, 2010

The beautiful sock yarn I bought in Chicago is still sitting in a basket on the floor by the window looking cheerful. Aunt Vreni's laundry line has galvanized me into knitting action, though, and last night I sat knitting the mitten I've been trying to finish so I can ... start the socks!

Vreni and Fritz. He was outdoors "purging the forest" when I stopped by with 5 kids in tow. "Vreni will get you something to drink," says he. And the smiling woman whose back is literally cracked in two, forcing her to walk in an L position, her head hanging nearly to the ground, poured us little plastic cups of orange juice out on her front stoop and sent us on our way with chocolate.


Linda said...

Love it!

hannah said...

I so wish that this was the kind of Suisse that I would have had the good fortune to experience.[Rather than a smoky air port, smoke filled restaurants leaving me gasping and grouchy train attendants, hotels reeking of paint, rats under the window and the legacy of skin damage because I couldn't drag myself away from the Matterhorn]
I'm glad for your lucky glimpse.
And for the mitten before sox: that is like being made to eat your sprouts before dessert. Not worth it :-)