Friday, April 30, 2010

A bit of knitting in a friend's bright and cheery kitchen.

This friend has large, generous windows that let in rivers of light. She laments the fact that the glass gets dirty so fast; exceedingly clean, she is most content when her house waxes tidy and sparkling. But she also adds to it a touch of nature's softness - silent and calm and conducive to inner peace.

Sometimes I go for breakfast. The table is always set with assorted napkins, and she has arranged my place to welcome me. There is a basket of croissants, petits pains au lait, butter, and at least two kinds of jam (homemade, of course), honey, nutella. She offers orange juice, coffee, a glass of water to wash it all down. And in her love for me, she provides two coffee creams - just how I like it.

We talk, we knit, we look at new clothes... women things. Every time I leave there I think, "why didn't you come sooner?" Indeed.

Seize what is in the basket, Allison! There is plenty for today...

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