Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The kind that lingers through town with you, and laughs over insignificant things; that is there when the floor needs sweeping, noses need wiping, knees need bandaging; the kind that will fly a great distance to have coffee with you, dinner, a day out. It's the kind that goes with you to the hospital when your child has been diagnosed, when there are no words, when the world suddenly seems bigger, emptier, meaningless; and that friendship sits beside you and offers you a peanut butter cup.


marzi said...

thanks so much for your comments on my blog! and your orthodontist is crazy! i know many people over age 40 who have braces! time for a second opinion!! go for it! 20 days until i get mine off!! whoo hoo!!

Allison said...

You are an inspiration - particularly your 100 things to do list! I may just commit my teeth into the hands of my ortho yet!