Monday, July 19, 2010

This window is from a place I don't much like to go ... where people live who I don't much like to visit.

As I propped it up against my favorite door at home, and adorned it with some of my favorite flowers, it took on a new look - it began to be beautiful. And I think... could I do that with the people, too? Could I adorn their image in my heart with love, and watch as they take on a new look - as they begin to be beautiful?

It is a long road to love sometimes. When you have been hurt and the glass in your heart has been broken... love can seem like a luxury... the piecing back of heart shards impossible.

But shall I let the Gardner try?


Katherine said...

You have such a beautiful blog, and a beautiful way with words..truly gorgeous. Keep going :)

K xx

Evi said...

Alli, tout cela est très joli. Merci pour tes réflexions. J'aime beaucoup!

Costea Andrea Mihai said...

good composition!!

Sara said...

Alli, je crois que là, il faudra que tu penses faire un livre... belles photos, belles pensées et réflexions... Je le vois déjà... et je l'attends (aussi en français bien sûr ;) )... Tu voudras bien me le dédicacer ?