Saturday, July 10, 2010

Some time ago I told of the escapades to Soleure I sometimes enjoy with my sister-in-law. Well... this time it was Basel, for my birthday (again!), and we brought the celebrated shopper I promised to tell you about. See her here, pulling our trusty friend?

The thing is... the wheels on this one are considerably more stable than on mine. You can dash for the train, taking corners at breakneck speed, and this shopper will not fail you. It will not flip or turn - and you will make it to the train on time! The downside to it is that it will catch on your heels and flap to the ground every twenty or so minutes, which can be distressing at best.

My new version, I know you're reading this Evi!, has closer set wheels so they don't bark your heels the way the seasoned patriarch shopper does, but it can't take corners so well, which means when you are dashing for the train because you lingered too long in a shop, you must reach a certain speed in order to enable flying mode. In this way, the younger shopper just flies behind you, but woe to you when you need to stop!

The very best thing about shoppers is Christmas shopping. Be sure to wear a belt, because that way you can stuff it full, and then strap to the top all the oversized presents you have no business buying when you've taken the train. Shopper is faithful for that... she will carry anything you can strap to her without complaining... oh Evi, now I'm getting nostalgic!

So here you have it. My advice to you is... buy one as soon as you can, because you will laugh until you cry!


Sara said...

Je suis trop frustrée de la mauvaise traduction ! ça à l'air rigolo ;) Je t'embrasse ! Bizzz

Evi said...

Ah, quelle sortie minutieusement préparée, organisée, planifiée HA HA HA! Merci encore au monsieur qui tenait la porte du train ouverte pour nous. Car même que les shoppers volaient derrière nous, on a failli rater le train.
Merci Alli pour ce beau samedi "matin" qui a duré jusque dans l'après-midi très rafraichissant :)
Love you

Pam said...

Your quite lovely shot story about 'shopper' just tickled my fancy, Allison. I think everyone should have at least one just because she sounds like so much fun ;)

Carla said...

Hi Allison, great to see more of your pics, love the shopper. I still haven't bought one, don't know why they are amazing and so practical and cool. Great shot. Carla