Saturday, July 17, 2010

Moon reflection over the valley last night...

Moon, wisp of opal fire, then slowly
revealed as orb arising,
still half-hidden; the dark
bulk of the wooded ridge defined
by serrations of pine and fir against
this glow
that begins to change
from lambent red to a golden
pervasive mist of light as the whole
fullness of moon
floats clear of the hill.
Risen, the gold moon
will shrink and blanch
but for now, still
low in the sky,

her pallor is veiled
as if by a net of
gilded gossamer

and the path she has laid down
over the ripples of
dark lake water

is gold unalloyed.

-- Denise Levertov


Naturedigital said...

Great post Allison.

teca said...

Wonderful! I was delighted!


Costea Andrea Mihai said...

yes!! wonderful moment you capture!!!