Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Does anything break your heart more than children in the hospital?

This little girl was very brave yesterday as she held her stuffed monkey while doctors poked and prodded. Every time I walk out of the hospital with my child's hand in mine I am thankful; thankful that I can take mine home, for there are so many mothers who have to leave theirs behind.

As an outpatient most of the time, we rarely have to stay. But I have had hours to observe those who do... and it is agonizing. Mothers whose hearts are ragged with use; giving until you would think there was no more to give. But their love is inexhaustible. They just keep smiling and reassuring while inside their hearts sigh and stumble.

Today is for those mothers and their little ones.


teca said...

Eu fico triste, muito triste... me sinto impotente... só tenho vontade de abraçá-las... nada para falar... só dar amor...


Mom and Dad White said...

Loved your comments. Love your writing. Love that Camille was able to go home. Love you.