Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Last night was kindergarten open house ... and we all know what that means; nostalgia! Who doesn't remember helping tadpoles grow into tiny frogs?

Or planting a seed and watching it unfurl into a miniature forest? (or for the unlucky, watching it rot in an over-watered jar...)

The lighthearted afternoon of craft making; painting, paper mâché, crayons and glue...

There's no going back, but it occurred to me that blogging is something of a kindergarten, is it not? A time to create, to show and tell, to sit awhile and hear the story of another's life.


Pam said...

Your words are so true, life is like a kindergarten.. and I am a perpetual student.

Have a wonderful day, Allison ;)

teca said...

Ah... adoro... uma fase tão incrivelmente criativa... deliciosa.

Allison, às vezes eu viajo no tempo quando leio você... ;)