Saturday, June 26, 2010

Recently, when I was feeling a bit under the weather, an American friend suggested I make jello. Oh! Jell-o! I knew there were a few packets left in the pantry from my last trip to the homeland, so I decided to make some up.

Remembering back to the days of potluck dinners and church picnics, I decided I would do a mould. How hard can it be? Well... apparently the art of jello moulding is a skill one acquires with time, practise, and a good helping of patience.

My first try was disastrous if not delicious...

I thought to myself... I'll just decrease the water and let it set longer. Next time I'll have a lovely specimen! (My reserve of jello was decreasing rapidly and is nearly depleated now, which, not necessarily sadly, will require a trip to the States to retrieve a new supply!).

The second try used up my coveted Berry Blue, and as I pulled it from the fridge, I was quite enthusiastic about the outcome. Will someone tell me... are you not supposed to dip it in warm water to loosen it from the edges like it says on the box?

My sorry mould was tasty in the extreme... but if I were to judge my value as an American homemaker on jello the way I judge my value as a Swiss homemaker on Tresse, well... I don't really think I passed!

Any advice from ya'll Stateside would be very welcome 'long 'bout now. ;)


teca said...

Allison, a aparência não ficou lá grandes coisas, mas... e o sabor? Todos apreciaram?

Tente novamente! ;)


Naturedigital said...

I am not an expert. But no matter the disaster I would not mind tasting it Allison.

Allison said...

That makes me feel much better ... and I would be happy to serve you some blue jello, Costas. It would certainly match the lovely blue seaside houses in Greece. ;)

Mom and Dad White said...

Allison, jello is so easy. You know how I love it. When you come, I will teach you the "art" of making jello, even jello cubes that you can pick up and eat. What a deal, huh?