Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Noro scarf is finally finished. The feel of this thing is home - if you haven't had one around your neck or falling over your shoulders, I strongly recommend you learn to knit!

Made of silk, kid mohair and lamb's wool, the knitted fabric is soft enough to wrap a baby in but warm enough to wear on the coldest winter day. Some have asked how I can stand knitting in the heat of summer... well, it is the one thing that winds me down. It is the single thing that takes my mind off whatever my mind won't stop working on. And what a relief that is! ;)


Naturedigital said...

I would not mind having it around my neck in winter.
Looks great.

Diane AZ said...

The colors and textures look delicious. Someday I will learn how to knit, so I can work with beautiful fibers like those.

Anonymous said...

Très très beau, cette écharpe, mais parle pas d'hiver.

Allison said...

...pourquoi pas en Suisse? Demain, il pourrait faire 5°... :D