Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Freedom of childhood... in the days when dad does the work, and it's all about trust. Isn't that right, Father.

The car that though my eldest will lend, she will not give away ... at 14! We've asked her when she thinks she will ride it again, since she's taller than me now. But her answer is unwavering... she won't give it up!

Swings are not yet empty at our house - the call of children is still heard in the settling of an evening. It is the gift of a lifetime.


Anonymous said...

Yes, trust is everything Allison.


Anonymous said...

My mother sold my bicycle, after I married, in a garage sale for $5.00 (US). It wasn't so much that she sold it...but that she only asked $5.00! That bike was priceless to me...full of memories of having taken me on wonderful guided me many times to the Tom Sawyer pond and beyond.

Such a tiny car that she will not yet let go filled with precious memories. I understand.


teca said...

Allison, a infância é um dos melhores momentos da vida... tenho boas lembranças de tudo que fiz e aprontei! :)
Bicicleta, velocípede, carrinho de rolimã, balanços... ah... muitas aventuras... muitas alegrias...

Adorei esse balanço na árvore... posso dar umas voltas? Me levaria novamente ao mundo infantil... ao mundo de sonhos e de alegrias infinitas...

Felicidade pra você!


Allison said...

Oh... the bike. Well, yes I suppose you're right. Let me tell that to my "let's purge!" hubby!