Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Emptiness cannot be filled
with other than was destined
for the task.
As opportunity goes,
with it the filling,
healing that might have been.

Empty ache – void
will last a lifetime, but no more
for those who seek.
Still here – in human place
the hollow echo
rings on – and on – and on.

At times in pain
or ache or nothing at all;
conscious or unconscious, elated or less than present
the raw
fervency carries on in feverish
emptiness; deserted heart.

I wait for occupation.
It comes and goes – with glad cry
and bitter tears;
it never stays – the presence
takes its leave.


Naturedigital said...

Love your poems also Allison..
So sensitive..
and feeling the loneliness..

Allison said...

And the picture below is something like your Cretian eagles, Costas. I just thought that today; a sadly vanishing species.