Friday, June 11, 2010

Children know best how to celebrate summer.

There is no fear of how they will look in a bikini, or if the ice cream will make them fat; hair goes unbrushed and tiny feet run wild through anything they find.

The question I hear all summer long is... "Did you get that on film mom?" And I stand and shoot, a zillion times, until we get just the right turn on that cannonball, and then we gather round, dripping over the viewer, to verify that we did indeed get it on film.

Smushed faces vacuum packed into plastic masks; there is so much fog in there you wonder what exactly they see.

And that brings me back to my own view of things, and how now I see through a swim mask dimly, but then I shall see face to face.

Ah, that may be it after all.


Carla said...

love the vacuum packed faces. I have a similar love of taking photos of my nieces in the same condition. Such wonderful subjects and lovely photos. calra

Naturedigital said...

It looks like summer is made for the children to have so much fun.

teca said...

O verão é delicioso... a cara das crianças... muito alegre!

Beijos e um fim de semana abençoado.


yes...this is summer...nice