Monday, November 22, 2010

The house was full of sounds and smells all day yesterday as children scurried and adults laughed. Despite my longings for home, I turned my heart to this family here - to these people I love and told myself to live for this moment, today.

Give and it shall be given to you. Yes, Lord.

There is a light in this world that shines brighter than anything I can make for myself. It shines out of a great darkness, out of a great inner darkness and distress. And then, inside one heart a candle is lit...and then another. I reach out with the candle burning inside me and light the heart of a friend, of another human being. And that person, in turn, reaches out and lights yet another heart; all because of a first Light that dared to defy the great darkness.

I sat in candlelight last night and knitted for an hour or so before bed. Then I folded it up and walked quietly around the house blowing out the candles, one by one. Corner after corner my house became dark and silent, until the very last light had been doused. The sound of breathing could be heard from where I stood barefoot by my bedroom door, the black night sky hovering moonless above the skylight.

Somehow I could still hear their laughter, feel their goodnight kisses, and I have stored them away for another day when I will long to hear and feel them again.


Dawn said...

You have made your day one to remember.
And thank you for sharing it with us.
(How was your turkey?:))

Allison said...

The tiny turkey turned out to be too big for us :) We have leftovers for a day or two; I dare say he grew in the fridge after all! It was delicious!!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Allison, what a beautiful writer you are. It is going to be such a pleasure visiting you lovely blog. Thank you for visiting mine and looking forward to visiting you often.

Judy said...

I'm glad everything worked out with your "Tom". Everything looks beautiful and delicious! I'm glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

teca said...

Ah... What a beautiful and welcoming environment so... I'm sure that the scents were love and tenderness.

You're a very, very special! You deserve the best always!

Good week, dear.


Nancy said...

Isn't it so true that we are making memories every day. No reason why they can't be good ones. :) Glad you had a nice get-together with your family and that the turkey was just right.

Out on the prairie said...

Wow what a nice selection of thoughts to share.You pies looked very nice and the decoration of your home added that special touch.I helped a small church set up their homemade nativity yesterday , to take advantage of the mild weather. They won't turn on the lights until a week after this holiday. I passed it last year and wrote a story about it, in the middle of 3 towns that are all less than 200 people. I asked to help this year to feel their spirit.Usually we used to set up for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving, but I think I will be late a bit.

texwisgirl said...

Lovely post. I'm so glad your heart was there so you could soak in all that love. We are lucky transplanted souls if our inlaws truly adopt us as their own. And it sounds like yours are wonderful. God bless them!

Anonymous said...

A very beautiful light in your photos !
I like this, the first is superb but I also like the second that makes you want to taste these delicious cakes ! :))


Pam said...

You set a gorgeous and welcoming home for a memorial holiday with family all gather for the special occasion.

Well said as always, Allison

Seriously Allison, you should be in print!.. my friend