Thursday, November 11, 2010

A bit farther down the road, Elkhorn is home to the Apple Barn; a fall treat beyond compare! Come to think of it, they advertise things to do all year round!

A tiny shop is well-stocked with home-made jams, jellies, cheese (yes, curds!!), mittens and felted goods, bread mixes, apple cider... you name it! It also boasts the largest assortment of specialty wines I've ever seen... tasting is complimentary, so I went for the pumpkin wine, which while delicious was rather odd if I do say so myself!

Charming decor made me want to sit down and stay a good long while.

Outdoors was a prime place to purchase an apple cider doughnut or a cup of cold cider and sit yourself down under the mighty maple tree to hear this gentleman sing his heart out. No CDs to buy, sadly. He is definately worth driving to see.

Something to keep the kids busy while the moms relax...

and everyone goes home happy with a pumpkin or two to carve or make soup out of. My daughter and I bought a bag of the doughnuts and jumped back in the rig.... I'd have stayed much longer, but the road was calling and fall does give me the travel bug!


Judy said...

For sure this is going to be on our list of places to visit next fall.

Southern Lady said...

What a charming place. We visited a place similar to that in the NC mountains this year. We loved it. Carla

Out on the prairie said...

I passed an apple place yesterday near Fort Madison, that had Carmel Apple Pie.I only wanted a piece, not the whole thing, but did get a sack of apples.The sand in my photo was at Lake Rathbun. With high water all summer some of the finest was on the very top and fun to wiggle your toes in.It reminded me of a favorite beach in Carmel, CA. I will be back there on Sunday.

Out on the prairie said...

Honey Creek Resort and State Park are also on Lake Rathbun.I have a number of shots on my flicker site of state parks including Rathbun area.It is one of the larger lakes in the state.

There are over 575 shots of the parks, some of my more recent showing deer.I hope to have a boat down there next year.SW

Pam said...

Now you are just making me down right jealous, Allison. I should have hitched a ride with you and your #1 daughter.
What a delightful place Elkhorn is.
Thanks again for sharing your outstanding journey.

Hugs. be well and Happy ;)

Evi said...

Trop joli ce petit magasin et très original ce qui se passe à l'extérieur. Je comprends que tu aurais encore aimé rester un peu.
Pourrions-nous avoir une photo-show après le repas de thanksgiving ?