Friday, November 19, 2010

It is evening here, and I have already posted today but I have something I want to share with whoever is listening... it's about giving thanks.

My blogging friends, you, have been sharing what you're thankful for this month; and I've been watching and listening and asking myself the same question. It's been wonderful, to be honest.

But about half an hour ago, my true thankfulness was put to the test. And I must admit that I rather failed!

Two weeks ago I ordered (from France) a turkey for our Thanksgiving celebration on Sunday. No one has off here on Thursday, so we have to pick a weekend day. I have invited family; there'll be twelve of us. So I ordered my Tom well in advance so I would get a nice plump fellow (plump in this country being around 14 pounds tops). Well, last year I got a 14 pounder and I was thankful in the extreme...sincerely!

My Russian went out to pick up the bird this evening and when he came home with Meagane, they kind of skulked inside. "How is he?" I came running. A turkey in our house is a grand affair ... we all want to evaluate him.

I could see just by how my hubby held him in the white plastic bag that he was on the skimpy side. My face must have dropped instantaneously. "Is that it?" I asked in disbelief. "Uh....I'm afraid it is."

We piled into the kitchen and I untied the knot. 8 pounds. An 8 pound Thanksgiving turkey. I thought to myself... "It may as well be a chicken!" And then I said it aloud. My sweet hubby who would do anything to bring a bit of home my way was crestfallen. "Look, I bought a huge bag of sweet potatos...and they say they're from the USA!"

Was I thankful? No. For the turkey? For the potatos? For such a sensitive husband and a sweet daughter who had driven 40 minutes to pick up my Tom? No, no no.

I vaccuumed (ever been there?) until I had gotten out most of my disappointment and then sat down to dinner. Time to pray. Ugh. Seriously? Meagane began... "Dear Father God, please make a miracle. Please make our turkey grow during the night so mom can have a happy Thanksgiving."

My heart burned within me. It's a day of Thanks, Allison. Thanks! I was immediately ashamed.

So in the wake of my disappointment and self-pity, let me just say what I am truly thankful for:

And that is family. Family who is patient enough to see me through a temper tantrum. I am thankful for God; who loves me despite my ungratefulness. I am thankful for peace and health and a warm, cozy place to live. I am thankful, deeply thankful, that I can care for my family with my own two hands.

And now, after all that, I can truly say that I am thankful for my puny Tom. We will dress his little body up in grand style and be thankful that there is, indeed, enough.


Out on the prairie said...

You can always make a lot of side dishes and not expect a sandwich after.You do have the holiday right, be thankful for what you have, not what you don't.I make boxes with friends for those who don't and this year we are taking out four complete meals. The turkeys all weigh around 10 lbs.One year my Dad found one that was 22 lbs, he always looked for the biggest. This year, I will have something simple, my family is all gone except my two kids, who are going elsewhere.I am still thankful to have a small family,friends and a good life.

Dawn said...

i am almost crying.
how is it that we are worlds a part...and yet are doing the exact same thing?
mine is not with a turkey- but the lesson is there all the same.
my temper tantrum ruined a moment i will never get back.
yes! thankful for family. for a family that yet again sticks with me through another round.

i would bring you a 20 lb turkey if i was there.
but then again...i guess our lessons would never be learned if we always got what we desired.
I wish you a wonderful turkey dinner.
Dress him in a suit and tie so he's even heavier- and stuff him full:)
Most importantly i wish you a wonderful day with your family.
They are blessed to have you.
(we are after all- human.)
Thank goodness...can you imagine how hard being perfect would be?
Hugs to you.
Take a picture of your thankful meal.

texwisgirl said...

I was tearing up as I read your story. God bless your daughter for her prayer! You'll have a wonderful meal - complete with yams! - thanks to your hubby. Throw a ham in the oven next to that Tom, or like you said, a nice big chicken, and you'll have plenty of good food for everyone! And your family will be grateful. :)

Judy said...

I can totally relate to this, not about a turkey but throwing a temper tantrum and not being thankful about something. Sometime it's the "wee ones" that put us in our place :)
I'm with "texwisgirl" tho, throw a ham in as well or if you have any there a smoked turkey is wonderful too.

Allison said...

I only wish I could add a nice smoked honey-baked ham to the meal! But alas...there are none to be had here. Perhaps I will pick up a plain ham and cook it in the pressure cooker. Is it good with cranberry sauce, too?

My friend Wendy called last night after she heard about the turkey and suggested I bake an extra pie. I've added pecan to the list, thinking that nuts tend to fill people up! :)

She also explained how to cook stuffing in the oven without it actually being inside the bird, so I'm going to do that, too.

Your comments made me feel so much better! I was thinking this morning when I woke up how odd and wonderful it is to have blogging friends. I wish I could invite you all over for pie!

Linda said...

Ah dear one, as Ma used to say "Enough is as good as a feast" remember? So Meggie's prayer was the feast for your soul when it felt most starved, and the meal served with the love of your hands will be enough and more to the hearts around your table. Throw in laughter and it won't get any better.