Saturday, November 20, 2010

So I'm going to take you with me as I prepare my European Thanksgiving meal! (I love having ya'll along so much).

Last night I cut up the bread cubes for stuffing (most of which ... yes, I've said it before ... will not go in my bird).

And here's little Camille showing you our Tom. Today I'll go to the market and then cook all afternoon, and tonight I'll rub him all over with butter and let him stand uncovered in the fridge all night to help his skin get nice and crispy (it DOES help, believe me).

I have just thought of one more reason why I ought to be thankful for such a tiny specimen, and that is my European-sized refridgerator. They are the size of portable fridges here in Switzerland, so there will be none of the stress of trying to fit him in. :)


Judy said...

Oh boy Allison, he's going to be so yummy! Happy Thanksgiving!

Out on the prairie said...

I wondered if you get cranberries and sweet potatoes there. I cook ham on my grill, that will give it a smoked flavor.Never heard of the butter and drying the skin.I had a friend whose favorite part was the skin on the breast. Mine is the gravy.

texwisgirl said...

Way to look at the bright side! I don't think I could live with a European-sized fridge. Even tho it's often just me here at the house, I still like to overstuff my fridge and freezer at times. :)

Happy cooking!!!

Nancy said...

Maybe it's just my age showing, but as the years roll on, I really don't worry about what's on the table, if there is enough for everyone, whether dinner will be on time... it's really just about coming together with friends and family, at least for one day, to give thanks. It's these little "disasters" that make the day memorable. I'm sure your turkey will be delicious! :)

Southern Lady said...

I have been thinking about your story of the small turkey. I believe that there is something else you can be thankful for...the reason our turkeys here in America are so large is because of all of the hormones given to them. Thank goodness that you can get a beautiful, fresh turkey without all of those additives. Carla