Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's about 10° F this week (-12°C) and ice has covered the streets. My legs have succumed to the traditional seasonal ache of wanting to get out and run but being too afraid to me casser la pipe on black ice. And so ... ! ... I started knitting a grass green shawl as a Christmas present for a friend far away, who is herself confined by blizzards and frigid temps.

This yarn is hand spun and dyed in Switzerland's southern alps, in the canton of Tessin. Swiss-Italian women color it using only natural materials, and every time I order some I get a letter in Italian saying "Your yarn will be there soon ... we need to spin it first!" And I smile a very comfortable smile as I imagine her picking up the shears and making her way to a still bleating sheep feeding on the rocky slopes.

Have a look!


By the time the finished product arrives on my doorstep (which usually takes a few weeks at the very least), it is wrapped neatly in a paper wrapping, lanolin coating my hands as I admire it.

Ah... to knit yarn like this! Last night I popped in The Lord of the Rings and knitted my heart out in candle light.

The day has dawned here cold and frigid, marshmallow snow covering the landscape. Sun has finally emerged, and I may just pull on my snow boots and head out to feel the crunch of a frozen world.


Nancy said...

That's such a delicious color. I love the way you described how the yarn comes to you. Sounds very old-fashioned, which you know I like very much. Hope you will post photos of the finished product. :)

Linda said...

Beautiful! I love it and love the color.

Judy said...

I so love the color. I hope you show it to us when you're done. I'm with Nancy it does sound very old-fashioned the way you described it all. I'm off to check out that link...Hmmm...I wonder, can one buy their own Christmas gift? ;)

Out on the prairie said...

Sounds as if you need some ice cleats.I really like the berries on your shawl.I forgot to answer a question you had on prairie roses.They bloom a nice pink and stay fairly low to the ground.I get into the prairie with shorts and get shredded by these hidden beauties.The shot I had the other day was one that still had some color to it.It is cold here also,I am waiting for coffee to fill my thermos and get out today.

Dawn said...

That is so pretty!
I want to cuddle up with that stuff:)

Oh I KNOW about the ice and slippery trails for running. I can't remember when I have had a good long run on my roads and I feel a little stir-crazy. My treadmill is just not the same.
Yay for walks in the cold air though...and sledding:)
I don't know if I could knit like you....but candlelight sounds lovely.
Hugs to you....
have a happy new day:)

texwisgirl said...

Love that you get the "old-fashioned" yarn! Wish I wasn't allergic to wool or I'd commission you to make me something really neat! So I'll just have to admire your work via photos. :)

Country Mouse Studio said...

Beautiful color and lucky friend.
You make the whole process sound so inviting but I too am allergic :O(

Meg said...

Yay! Oh, what a beautiful color. And I love the simple stitch pattern. Thank you so much for sharing! I just love seeing others' knits. And those stitch markers are adorable!

How wonderful you get to play with fresh-from-the-sheep wool. I need to get my hands on a fleece some day. :)

Canyon Girl said...

That sound so lovely...the story of the yarn. The simple life. I love the color and I know your friend will love it too. I'm dealing with black ice here too. It has been so cold at night and even during the day. You better stay in until it gets better.

Randy said...

That really is a great color and I think it's so nice that you are making this for a friend. I think handmade gifts are the best. I love the sound of crunchy snow.