Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I went running last week through an autumn world washed in morning sunlight. There were so many things to see, so much beauty, that after I'd returned home I took my camera and drove around town snapping pictures of everything I'd admired along the way.

There was a tree-lined street where the mayor lives... and apparently the mayor's cat! :)

She was perched in a tree feeling quite put out with me for disturbing her hunting ambush (I like birds, so I was not apologetic).

When it finally dawned on her that I was not leaving, she wiggled down the tree and ran off into the golden universe. It was the first time I'd had a chance to stand and laugh with the mayor's wife, who stood calling out to her kitty as she pranced indignantly into the mouse-filled meadow.


Dawn said...

OH!!!!! I LOVE THAT PICTURE OF THE "PEEKING-OUT" CAT!!!!!! What a super shot! You need to get that made up into a picture to'd make a ton!!!!:)))

Thanks for your comments on my post- todays and yesterdays.
They mean a lot...and I feel not "alone" at all when i know someone- even though they are on the other side of the world:)- understands!!!

Oh how i wish i could go running with you...preferably over there as it is very snowy and cold here right now. You do have beautiful scenery:)))

have a wonderful new day...i am finally off to bed:)

Costea Andrea Mihai said...

:) nice cat!!! regards

teca said...

Lovely shots, Allison! Especially the second and fourth pictures.

A big kiss for you.


Diane AZ said...

Lovely post, the golden leaves and cat's green eyes are captivating!

Southern Lady said...

Beautiful pictures! Love the cat! Carla

texwisgirl said...

How beautiful that cat is! I loved that you dared to interrupt her hunting!

P.S. I just knew that you and Dawn would be soul-sisters. I told her after I visited your blog that you reminded me so much of her that she should come visit you to see if you were kindred spirits. I love you both! :)

Sara said...

Super, comme d'hab ! Trop beau. C'est en Suisse ou toujours aux USA ? Je t'embrasse !

Pam said...

and kitty was thinking.. `dag-nabit I'm foiled again by another bird lover.. but she sure is pretty!

Lovely day for a stroll, I love the color of the leaves.
You made me smile, Allison :>)


Country Mouse Studio said...

Such a beautiful photo, the fall colored cat and leaves. I love his expression.

Linda said...

Would you like my cat? Then you can have one of your own peeking out of your trees and stalking birds? He no longer simply picturesque!

Out on the prairie said...

The 2nd shot is great, what a smug look.Nice post of your thoughts.